MA Spatial Strategies

Master of Arts

RAUMSTRATEGIEN forschende Kunst im öffentlichen Kontext an der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.

The Master of Arts course in Space Strategies is founded on a conception of praxis in urban  space that draws on architectural and artistic practices, focussing on the discipline of art in public space. In the context of post-war modernity, art in public space has played a crucial role in the discussion of the social relevance of art. However, it has become necessary to reconsider the concept of 'space' and the concept of 'publicness'.
Space Strategies parses the concept of 'space' in terms of virtual, global and urban spaces, confronting “public space”, and artistic production within it, with the actuality of these three 'spaces'. With global developments of the past two decades having completely undermined what is regarded the shared conception of 'publicness' (Öffentlichkeit), the Master course seeks to redefine the challenges and political responsibilities of the individual within contemporary contexts. Space Strategies aims to understand artistic work as an insistence on 'publicness' as a sphere where democratic participation constitutes social spaces, living spaces, and the allocation of essential resources.

This two-year tuition-based program is intended for undergraduate degree holders in a variety of fields, for example visual arts, design, architecture, media and cultural sciences, humanities, sociology, who wish to obtain a postgraduate degree (MA) in the arts.

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