*foundationClass - winter term 2016/2017

weißensee academy of art berlin is happy to announce that a new group of *foundationClass participants will start their work in the summer semester 2017.

The programme is geared towards people who have fled to Germany and/or applied for asylum and who had planned to start studying art or design in their home countries, already started such a degree programme, or who plan to switch into such a degree programme.

The programme provides the foundations for applying at German art and design academies and offers the possibility to create or reconstruct lost portfolios, documents and materials, which will enable the participants to apply for the annual artistic aptitude tests.

The *foundationClass group of 2017 will work together from April 2017 until the end of the year.

The programme will be divided into two parts:

The first part of the programme (summer semester, starting in April) will be also open to other students studying at weißensee academy of art. The programme will feature lectures, workshops and excursions led mainly by professional artists, designers, scholars and activists who themselves or whose families have migrated to Germany.

During the first part you will have the possibility to arrive at the school and get to know many other people. We specifically want to create a space, within which you can work with the invited teachers to develop your own standpoint regarding art or design education. Together we want to formulate art historie(s), that include the Global South/East, as well as your experiences without using labels such as “refugee” or “migrant”.

Together we want to find answers to the question of how an art school of the future would look like if it genuinely recognised migration as an essential societal factor. Apart from that we're planning a lot of cooperations with other Berlin art institutions, such as the Maxim Gorki Theatre.

In the second half of the programme (winter semester, starting in October) we want to take all that we have learned and prepare applications for German art and design academies. In different workshops (painting, sculpting, digital media, design, drawing etc.) we will support you in creating a powerful portfolio with which you can apply in 2018.

To realise these goals weißensee art academy provides its entire infrastructure, including workshops, materials, as well as support with bureaucratic problems.

The *foundationClass 2017 strives to open up a social space within weißensee academy of art within which knowledge and artistic and design practices are not consumed, but questioned and where new forms of knowledge and practice will be produced collectively.

Who should apply?

Anyone who

- has come to Germany and has applied for asylum (please note that the outcome of the application, or whether the process is finished or still ongoing is not relevant)

- is interested in art and/or design,

- is 18 years or older,

- is ready and motivated to participate regularly in the programme (please note that participation in the second part of the programme will depend on regular attendance of the first part)

Application deadline: 20th March 2017

For further information about the application process please see the PDFs underneath, available in German, English, Arabic and Farsi.


For questions about the *foundationClass and studying at weißensee academy of art berlin, please contact:

Miriam Schickler

Tel: +49 (0)30-47705-305
Mail: foundationclass@kh-berlin.de

Open Office Hours:
Tuesday 1:00pm - 4:00pm and Thursday 10:00am - 12:00am or with appointment



The *foundationClass was conceived and is directed by Ulf Aminde and is financed by the Berlin Senate for Education, Youth, and Science, as part of the Berlin Quality Campaign in Teaching, the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Ban.