The Mensa during winter term 2020/21

From October 5th you can again get food in the khb canteen on reservation. The sale is for pickup as well as for on-site consumption with prior reservation of seats.Further information and an explanatory video can be found on the pages of the StudierendenWERK where you will also be able to make advance reservations (unfortunately only in German available:

The cafeteria will open daily from 8:00 to 15:00 with a bakery store offering fresh rolls, cakes and drinks. Coffee and other hot drinks cannot be sold in the cafeteria for reasons of hygiene. Please refer to the Dallmayr vending machine in front of the cafeteria. Between 11 a.m. and 2:45 p.m., hot and cold lunches are offered on advance order.

Offer Click & Collect :

Food must be ordered at least one working day in advance by 12:00 noon. Orders for Monday must be placed at the latest on Friday before 12:00 a.m., i.e. on Friday 2.10. Pre-order for Monday 5.10. For the food order, freely selectable time windows of 15 minutes are generated for the collection as well as a QR Code from the delivered email order confirmation. The transmitted QR Code is read contactlessly on a tablet at the output. A meal shrink-wrapped in a ToGo container is dispensed. These are always marked with a surcharge, as they are compostable containers made of renewable raw materials. Payment with MensaCard is always made at the cash desk.

Offer Click & Stay :

If you want to book a seat in connection with the pre-order, you can do this digitally after ordering a meal. In this case, all necessary personal data will be requested digitally. Time slots of 30 minutes for a stay are generated. Seat reservations are only offered in the breakfast room. Access control is via QR Code (generated when ordering a seat) and a smartphone - also contactless.

The dining hall of weißensee academy of art is run by studierendenWERK Berlin.


Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 3 pm


During semester breaks, there are different opening hours; in the summer, the dining hall is closed for several weeks.

More information:

In 2013/2014, weißensee academy of art berlin’s dining hall, first opened on November 11, 1956, was renovated and newly furnished, with joint funding by the academy and the studierendenWERK Berlin. It is now used both for eating and studying, as well as for leisure activities, Currently, it has 115 seats on an area of 235 square meters.

The space had five parts

  • anteroom with vending machines for drinks and snacks (originally the cloak room)

  • cafeteria space with the mural Tiere by Bert Heller

  • the original “professors’ dining room”

  • breakfast room (cafeteria) with the ceramic wall plates by Rudolf Kaiser and Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer

  • kitchen area.

The ensemble of which the dining hall is part, is listed as a historic building.

The sgraffito muralTiere, created in 1956, in the dining hall space was painted over in the 1970s. During the latest renovations, the academy’s academic senate decided to have it partly uncovered again.

The path from Bühringstraße to the dining hall is wheelchair accessible.