Summer Semester 2010, BA/MA Visual Communication GreenLab


Small children are happy to destroy dolls or stuffed animals. young adults as well as grownups often turn -seemingly with no reason- into hooligans and vandals, who trash football stadiums, into killers who beat passers by in the subway to death. Doomsday scenarios are boosting sales of books, films and computer games. In addition: Smog, toxic soil and waters, nuclear fallouts and war with no end in sight, is all ‘produced’ by humans.

Is the Homo Sapiens self-destructive?

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Participants Xaver Böhm
Project categorySemester Project Project subjects BA/MA Visual Communication
Joy of Destruction | Laura Junger & Xaver Böhm
Joy of Destruction | Laura Junger & Xaver Böhm
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