BA-Textile-and Surface Design

Information and deadlines for digital or analog portfolio submission

  • After successful online registration for the aptitude test, you will receive Link to the upload portal as well as all necessary instructions for digital or analog portfolio submission via Campuscore.

  • A small artistic-practical homework assignment will be provided with the invitation.

  • Digital or analog portfolio submission deadline: Feb 22.
    (exact date as well as format will be determined on 11/1/21).

  • Based on your work, the next step is to decide whether you will be admitted to the entrance exam. You will receive the decisionand we very much hope that the entrance exam can take place in Feb 22 at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin or the digital format will have to be used again.

Notes on the digital portfolio in the department of Textile- and Surface Design (under reservation! Depending on the pandemic situation, the portfolios) may also have to be presented in analog form.


At least 20 to a maximum of 30 own artistic works, which show an independent creative expression. Works that belong together can be grouped on one page. The folder must be uploaded as a coherent PDF via the upload platform. For assistance and more information on the digital portfolio, please visit >>> PDF instructions for creating the digital portfolio

The admissions committee will decide on your participation in the selection interviews and the homework on the basis of the work submitted. The results of the first selection round will be announced on 1.2.2021 via Campuscore. You will also receive a text assignment - a list of questions which you must answer and upload together with the homework by 09.02.2021 at 9:00 a.m. (PDF).

Homework after positive evaluation of the portfolio_______________

The homework consists of two practical tasks to be created at home. The homework will be sent out on 09.02.2021 at 9:00 a.m. via Campuscore and must be completed within 24 hours and uploaded via the upload platform together with the written task.

For this purpose, working materials such as drawing cardboard, white and colored papers as well as drawing materials e.g. different pencils and opaque white, black ink, water-soluble paints and brushes, water container, glue, ruler, compass, scissors, cutter, cutting board, different materials for collages or paper models as well as materials and tools you like to work with must be available in advance. In addition, each applicant will have an approximately 15-minute one-on-one interview with the admissions committee consisting of teachers and students on February 9th + 10th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. via Jitsi. You will receive your appointment and dial-in link in advance via Campuscore. Please use preferably the browser Google Chrome or Firefox to dial in at Jitsi.

Tips and hints for the digital portfolio