The *foundationClass has gone to the next round!

Do you want to start studying art or design in Germany or do you want to continue your studies here?

Have you fled/migrated to Germany and are you affected by racism here?

We look forward to receiving your applications!

The application deadline is on 15th March 2020, the program is free.

What is the *foundationClass?

*foundationClass will support you to prepare a powerful portfolio with which you can apply at art and design schools in 2020/2021. The program will feature lectures, workshops and excursions led mainly by professional artists, designers, scholars and activists who themselves or whose families have migrated to Germany. You will have the possibility to arrive at the school and get to know many other people and experiment with different media.

The *foundationClass strives to open up a social space within weißensee academy of art within which knowledge and artistic and design practices are not consumed, but questioned and where new forms of knowledge and practice will be produced collectively.

Together we want to formulate art historie(s), that include the Global South/East, as well as your experiences without using labels such as “refugee” or “migrant”. Together we want to find answers to the question of how an art school of the future would look like if it genuinely recognised migration as an essential societal factor.

The *foundationClass is a rather intense and time consuming programme. Classes take place most of the days during the afternoons so you will have time to attend your German courses during the morning.

The new *foundationClass group will work together from May 2020 until beginning of 2021. For this time you will be registered as a guest student at the weißensee academy of art.

Who should apply?

Anyone who

  • has fled to Germany and has applied for asylum (please note that the outcome of the application, or whether the process is finished or still ongoing is not relevant)
  • is interested in art and/or design,
  • is 18 years or older,
  • is ready and motivated to participate regularly in the program (please note that participation in the second part of the programme will depend on regular attendance of the first part)
  • has working knowledge of English and/or German (please note that for an application at an art academy sufficient German skills are mandatory!)

What is the application process?

Please send us the following

  • CV, including personal information, contact information and your previous study and/or work experience
  • a personal letter of at least 500 words outlining your motivation and interest in participating in the *foundationClass
  • a proof of your (temporary or not) residence status (Gestattung, Duldung, Aufenthaltserlaubnis)

Please submit your complete application until March 15th 2020 to


weißensee kunsthochschule berlin
Referat Studienangelegenheiten/*foundationClass
Bühringstr. 20, 13086 Berlin

Invitations for interviews will be sent via e-mail.

The interviews will presumably take place end of March or beginning of April 2020.

Please note that many of the emails that are sent from our account foundationclass@kh-berlin.de are categorised as spam. We would like to ask you to therefore regularly check your spam folder in order to not miss any important notifications.


For questions about the *foundationClass and studying at weißensee academy of art berlin, please contact:

Katharina Kersten / Room A1.03

+49 (0)30-47705-305