Study Regulation

Study Regulations

The entire degree course has a modular structure, the modules and contents of which are to be found in the study handbook. The degree is also split into two course segments: the first four semesters serve to teach basic subject knowledge and methods, and is rounded off with an interim examination. The second course segment builds on this knowledge, extending it and going into greater depth. Furthermore, in the second segment there are also many elective modules which promote interdisciplinarity.

The first course segment ends with the interim examination. This is composed of compulsory and compulsory elective module examinations. The second course segment ends with the Bachelor examination in all Design departments, whereas in the Fine Arts it ends with the graduation examination (Absolventen-Prüfung). These final examinations are also composed of compulsory and compulsory elective module examinations: the Bachelor/Graduate Work, and its accompanying presentation and colloquium. One is only admitted to the Bachelor/Graduate Work Examination when one has completed all previous course module examinations. After passing the examination, one is awarded the academic title of Bachelor of Arts (in the Design departments) or the Graduation Certificate of Berlin-Weißensee Academy of Arts (in Fine Arts.)