seeKicks - agency in all creative practices

The SEE KICKS initiative is a new framework for creative entrepreneurism and open to everyone passionate about Art, Design and Technology and exploring new ways to use entrepreneurial know-how for positive social impact in successful business models.

SEE KICKS aims to push the boundaries of Art, Design, and Business to create new channels for expression, communication, and collaboration with experimental forms of new business and creative enterprise.

Everyone Inclusive
Most of our participants are fine artists, designers, technologists, or creative researchers passionate to channel their creative endeavors inside their own enterprise, together with others.

Custom Made
Individual support is provided for essential skills, feedback, professional coaching and consulting through events, workshops, workspaces, and help with funding and expanding you networks.
Beyond conceptual support, essential counseling on legal, financial and employment business aspects help our participants to launch their business idea, and later scale it on a sound foundation.

What More Could You Want?
SEE KICKS also offers new opportunities for PR, publicity and a greater online presence, and broader access to funding and investment with local and international partners. This includes help with access to tools, materials and resources necessary to get your idea off the ground. Our offerings will continue to expand through 2021-22.
Contact: lockwood(at)