BA-Produkt Design

Information and deadlines for digital or analog portfolio submission

  • After successful online registration for the aptitude test, you will receive Link to the upload portal as well as all necessary instructions for digital or analog portfolio submission via Campuscore.

  • A small artistic-practical homework assignment will be provided with the invitation.

  • Digital or analog portfolio submission deadline: Feb 22.
    (exact date as well as format will be determined on 11/1/21).

  • Based on your work, the next step is to decide whether you will be admitted to the entrance exam. You will receive the decisionand we very much hope that the entrance exam can take place in Feb 22 at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin or the digital format will have to be used again.

Hinweise zur digitalen Mappe im Fachgebiet Produkt Design (unter Vorbehalt! Je nach Pandemielage, müssen evtl die Mappen auch analog vorgelegt werden.)

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