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Information on health insurance / health insurance

  • Compulsory health insurance

Students at German universities are subject to compulsory health insurance (familienversichert). As a rule, they are subject to compulsory health insurance until until the end of the semester in which they reach the age of 30. Since 1.1.2022, there has been a mutual electronic obligation to report health insurance between universities and statutory health insurance funds in accordance with 199a Para. 7 SGB V.

    What does this mean for ...

  • Applicants

should register with one (their) statutory health insurance fund after being admitted to higher education and at the latest at the time of enrollment, so that their insurance status (reason M10) can be transmitted electronically to weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. Please indicate our separate sender number H0002182 for this purpose. A written notification about the insurance in paper form as well as a copy of the insurance card is not (anymore) sufficient!

  • Students

who are already enrolled do not have to pay attention to anything for the time being due to the changeover to the electronic health insurance notification procedure. However, as soon as there is a change in health insurance data (e.g. a change of health insurance company), students who are already enrolled must also contact their health insurance company so that an electronic notification of the change of health insurance company (reason M11) can be sent to us and the next re-registration can proceed smoothly.

  • Foreign or privately insured applicants:

If, for example, you are privately insured or insured abroad (e.g. EHIC, GHIC orGerman-Turkish Social Security Agreement), then you are not required to be insured in Germany. However, you still need an exemption from the statutory health insurance obligation in Germany. If you are insured in Switzerland or Turkey, please contact a statutory German health insurance fund of your choice with the form certified abroad and your letter of admission and arrange for the notification to be sent to our university (sender number H0002182).

  • Contributions

Statutory health insurance is offered at a lower rate for students. The costs are about 78 € per month. You can choose a health insurance company yourself with which you would like to be insured, there is a wide choice.Students who are required to have insurance must pay the contributions for the semester in advance to the relevant health insurance company before enrolling or re-registering. Health insurance company bylaws may provide for other methods of payment. For students who fail to meet their obligations to pay premiums, the university will refuse to enroll or accept re-registration.

  • family insurance

Students who have family insurance will not be charged a contribution.Until they reach the age of 25.tudents are regularly covered by family insurance through their parents free of charge. After that, they are compulsorily insured themselves. Another prerequisite for family insurance is that the family member does not have a total income that regularly exceeds one seventh of the reference amount (€ 395.00) per month. (For marginally employed persons, the permissible total income is € 450.00).

  •  International students

Foreign students are also subject to health insurance in Germany. For this purpose, a student insurance contract can be concluded with any statutory health insurance company or, in the case of European students, a confirmation of the health insurance existing in the home country can be issued. If you come from a country that has a social security agreement with Germany (EU and EEA countries and individual agreements) and are a member of a statutory/state health insurance there, you can have this confirmed here by any statutory health insurance company by presenting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, in UK GHIC) and receive confirmation from the German statutory health insurance company that you are exempt from the statutory health insurance obligation in Germany.

Those who have private health insurance in their home country have the option of terminating this and taking out German student health insurance with a statutory health insurance company. There is also the possibility to be exempted from compulsory insurance in order to remain privately insured.

  • Private health insurance

As a student, you can be exempted from compulsory insurance and take out private health insurance, for example. Private health insurance companies are not health insurance companies in the sense of the Social Security Code, which regulates health insurance for students. Therefore, privately insured students must also contact a statutory health insurance company in order to obtain the required proof of enrollment. This decision should be weighed carefully. The exemption cannot be revoked. It is valid at least as long as one studies. Further information can be obtained from the health insurance companies.

  • Part-time job

Students who work for pay alongside their studies remain compulsorily insured if they are students in appearance, i.e. if their time and labour are predominantly taken up by their studies. On the other hand, those who, due to the scope of their employment, are employees in terms of their appearance, are not subject to compulsory insurance as students, but as employees.

  • Benefits

Students and, if applicable, their co-insured dependents receive, among other things, medical and dental treatment, including dental prostheses, medicines, bandages, remedies and aids, hospital treatment, early detection examinations, pregnancy and maternity benefits, as well as benefits in case of need for long-term care; however, there is no entitlement to sick pay.

  • Change

If your health insurance data change during the course of your studies, e.g. due to a change of health insurance company, please inform us!

Information on accident insurance - accident notification

Information on accident insurance - accident notification

Students at Berlin colleges or universities are legally insured against accidents through the Unfallkasse Berlin. In the event of an accident, Unfallkasse Berlin will cover the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation. This insurance is free of charge for students. The contributions are paid by the state of Berlin.

Accidents that occur in connection with attendance at the university (this also includes journeys to and from the university) and have resulted in medical treatment must be reported immediately to the responsible accident insurance institution (Unfallkasse Berlin) by the university.

In order to ensure a timely report to the accident insurance fund, we depend on the cooperation of the students.

We therefore ask you to report the accident to theStudienberatung using the official form of the Unfallkasse Berlin. The form is also available in the office of the Student Advisory Service (Room A1.09).
If the accident was not reported directly

The university will be contacted directly by the Unfallkasse. The Unfallkasse Berlin must carry out an insurance-law check and subsequently obtain the completed "accident report" form.
In this case, the Student Advisory Service will now contact the student and ask him/her to fill out the accident report attached to the email as accurately as possible (including the location of the accident, if possible, with exact address, and/or e.g. event and context), and to return it as a PDF by email (or mail). The deadline for this is 2 weeks.

In this context, we would like to point out the obligation of the individual student to cooperate. This is because only the person who has suffered the accident himself/herself can provide the necessary information on the course of the accident, which the accident insurance fund requires for a successful audit.

If the accident insurance fund is unable to carry out an examination due to non-response by the student, it can refuse to assume the costs in the individual case to be examined.

This would be very much to the disadvantage of the person who has suffered the accident, because treatment covered by the Unfallkasse Berlin usually serves to ensure that the insured person recovers as quickly as possible and for as long as possible.

You can find further information directly on the website of the

Unfallkasse Berlin!

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